Meeting your development needs - The first time, every time.

SciSpike will help you develop and deliver enterprise applications to meet your business needs in a timely manner. Our consultants are senior level software architects and developers who have extensive experience in developing mission-critical enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies. They will help you gather requirements, write use cases, architect, design, code, test and realize your most critical applications. As always, our philosophy is to work alongside your team and to empower them by transferring our skills and expertise and making them fully capable of maintaining and enhancing these projects as required.

In addition to our expertise, SciSpike has developed a suite of tools that dramatically shortens the development cycle. Call us for more details about the tools.

If a turnkey project is what you prefer, we can deliver the entire application or specific components as needed.

corporate trainingWe tailor our courses to match client's specific needs and participants backgrounds. Our case studies and exercises can be customized to correspond to the company projects. As a result, the participants are immediately productive on their job, which leads to a faster project delivery. more »

online trainingThis is a perfect option for geographically distributed teams and those who wish to avoid travel. The course delivery times and hours can be adjusted to match project needs. This is also a great option for those who are on tight delivery schedule. more »

e-learningCannot leave your project to attend a course? On-demand training at your own pace is the solution for you. Our e-Learning courses engage through a rich multimedia delivery which can be combined with instructor led training and mentoring for a blended learning solution. more »

scrum consultingOur consultants and mentors are practicing developers and senior architects with fresh experience of participating in large enterprise projects. Our highly experienced mentors work hand-in-hand with the project team to ensure that the new methods and techniques learned during the training are efficiently adopted. The mentors also significantly reduce project completion times by lending their talent and experience in systems design and development. more »

The Right Opportunity for the Right Person.

Agile Scrum Consulting

At SciSpike, we realize that our people are our strength. We only seek the best and brightest talent in the world and strive to provide an open, informal, energetic and challenging environment in which motivated individuals can thrive.

Are you The Right Person?

  • Do you want to be part of a fast-paced, exceptional team?
  • Do you value teamwork and thrive on new challenges?
  • Do you work hard and take pride in what you do?
  • Do you like working with smart, successful people?
  • Do you have fun doing your job?
  • Do you aim for the right balance of these values both inside and outside the work?

If yes, you are just the kind of team member we are looking for! Let us hear about you!

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