Lightning Fast Custom Development

  • High Quality: Robust, accurate software
  • Quick to Market: 2x to 20x faster
  • Fixed Price: No financial risk
  • Cloud Ready: Deploy at will
  • Massively Scalable: Scale with your business
  • Customized: The right software, every time
  • Endlessly Flexible: Evolve your vision

Software Architecture Consulting

  • Software Architecture
  • Software Scalability Design
  • Big Data and NoSQL Architecture
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Design
  • Ultra Agile Development
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Enterprise Systems Design

Software Developer Training

Over 70 courses, including…

  • Software Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Spark
  • IoT Design
  • Agile and SCRUM
  • Scala, Akka,
  • Node.js, AngularJS
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, OrientDB, Cassandra

Executable Requirements

  • Complete, tested Requirements
  • Instant prototypes
  • Engages your team
  • Fosters buy-in
  • No surprises
  • No software re-work
  • Mathematically precise


SciSpike enables your IT and R&D teams to do much more, much faster, at lower cost, with greater scalability, leading to greater professional success. We focus on lightning fast development of highly scalable software systems of every type, including Enterprise, Embedded, and Social Media applications. We specialize in Big Data, Analytics and IoT applications, and have designed and implemented such systems for Healthcare, Finance, Social Media, Retail, and Consumer Electronics clients. We have a combination of capabilities not found elsewhere, including:

  • Range of Services: Advanced Training, Architecture, Custom Development
  • Blazing fast implementation: ~5-20x faster
  • Executable Requirements: Agile Sprints in minutes not weeks
  • Unique platform: cloud-ready, massively scalable systems
  • Big Data, Analytics, Web-scale, and IoT expertise
  • Top Talent: outstanding Software Architects and Engineers

We can help you create virtually any type of software system, extremely quickly, able to scale to millions of users.

Our client base includes a Who’s Who of the Global 1000, but also includes many small and medium sized businesses.

You can be up and running successfully with your new business initiatives while your competitors are still trying to figure out how to get started. Drop us a line or call to discuss your project needs.

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  • ~10x faster Software Development cycles, create much more, much faster, and enable you to get to market while your competition are still on the whiteboard. Not a typo: ~10x faster.
  • Massively Scalable Software Architectures for web-scale applications: so you never need to worry about being too successful.
  • Executable Requirements Specifications created in real-time during conversation, with a running prototype that does exactly what you just said, which you can play with and modify at the speed of thought until you have exactly the user experience your business needs. Includes state diagrams,user documentation, and automated test cases.
  • Ultra-Agile™ Methodology and Platform provide you with extremely nimble, thought-speed iterations on your business concepts , for optimal responsiveness to user needs and business opportunities. Minutes, not days, weeks, or months, for new features.
  • Architectural Advice provides your development team with the foundation they need to build robust, scalable, flexible systems very quickly.
  • Advanced Training in the latest software technologies, modelling techniques, and development methodologies, led by our instructors at your facility, gives your team the skills they need to complete your projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Leading Edge Technology focus, always, currently including scala, akka, Hadoop, scalable, NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra, OrientDB, etc), node.js, angular, groovy, and everything else you need to develop modern, scalable, data intensive software systems.
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Case Studies

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
    Problem: Our client had a Microsoft based application based on traditional .NET technology (C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, etc.) that was being used to track patients remotely The client wanted to move to the cloud and build a system that could scale…
  • Touch Screen PoS UI Redesign
    Problem: The client had a Point of Sale (PoS) system that was built in C++ and which had an appearance that was out of date The CTO asked for an estimate of development cost for a new U/I and found…
  • Aptitude
    Goals Build a MVP/POC for a trading solution for hospitals where the individual hospitals can directly negotiate with their vendors. A disruptive solution in a market where most purchases are conducted through GPO's. Setup an agile process that allowed the…
  • Software Application Generator
    Problem: One of our clients in the Healthcare space had a set of applications that tracked the status of various initiatives Each project, although rather simple, required the assembly of a team and a project structure There were clearly some commonalities…
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White Papers

  • High-quality modeling in UML
    Short Overview This white paper presents an approach to using UML to create and maintain high quality models. The high level of quality in the models comes from: extensive cross-checking between different models (which requires us to pay attention to…
  • How To Develop Software Systems in Days Instead of Months
    Introduction Software projects frequently fail to meet business goals. They often take too long, cost too much, and deliver the wrong functionality. But it does not need to be this way. Waterfall, Agile, Iterative ... whatever your process, your chance…
  • Insights Into Modeling NoSQL
    Industry Expert and SciSpike Co-Founder Dr. Vladimir BacVanski partnered with Dataversity to produce and publish this research paper. A summary is below and the full paper can be downloaded by clicking the link at the end of the Executive Summary.…
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Hot Technologies

  • Internet of Things
    SciSpike has been developing multiple applications in the category often called Internet of Things (IoT). Internet of Things (sometimes called Internet of Everything) is the process of connecting a set of devices together to form an experience. Our Conversation Engine…
  • Node.js
    SciSpike offers courses and consultants that can help you with the transition to Node.js. We have been active in the Node.js field for some time and have made numerous contribution to the Node.js community. We provide the training and mentoring…
  • Agile Software Development
    SciSpike are proponents of agile software development principles. We have developed a set of variations of methodologies all based on the agile manifesto and the agile principles. SciSpike has been very active in the agile community. We've worked with various…
  • Domain Specific Languages
    A domain-specific language (DSL) is a textual or graphical language that describes variation in a specific domain. That may sound very abstract, but the world is full of these languages. A few examples are languages such as: Regex MathML SciSpike…
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