Monthly Archives: November 2010

Function Objects in in Java

This blog entry is really just a support entry for a YouTube movie I created today. A few weeks ago, I taught a course on plain old Java… The students had LISP background and raised the questions: Does Java have Closures? Well, it doesn't really have direct support for closures directly, but we can achieve…
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Tutorial: How to Develop a WebService in Eclipse

In this post Petter Graff (the founder of SciSpike) shows you how to develop a WebService in Eclipse. This tutorial is one of the most viewed technical videos on YouTube. Part 1: Download and Install Eclipse, Tomcat and CXF Part 2: Configure Tomcat and Eclipse Part 3: Create a Servlet in Eclipse for Test Part…
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Refactoring in Eclipse (Closure example)

In this video, Petter Graff (the founder of SciSpike) shows you how to effectively use the refactoring features in Eclipse. In the process, he shows how you can create function objects in Java and utilize unorthodox dimensions of reuse.
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