Monthly Archives: January 2013

Distributed Agile/Scrum that Works

In preparation for a course I'm teaching over the next couple of weeks on OO and Scrum, I spent the weekend reading up on the new books on Agile and Scrum to see if there are points that I need to add to my courses. During my preparation I read a few books and papers…
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Why I Use Node.js?

My last post triggered quite a few questions. I had no idea so many people read my blog. The emails mostly asked "Why Node?" or "What's good about Node?". In my previous blog I expressed my frustration learning Node and how I overcame my issues. Perhaps it's time to explain why I'm using Node even…
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Java vs. Node

This blog-post is perhaps misnamed. What I want to convey in this blog how you have to change the way you work when you go from a strongly typed language to one of the dynamic languages. I pride myself on being language agnostic. I know that I have software running in some deployed and used…
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