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The Scispike Difference

  • Ultra scalable architectures allow your business to scale rapidly
  • Lightning fast custom software development gets you to market first
  • Trainers who are also practicing software architects with deep domain expertise make sure your team gets maximum value from training
  • Advanced platform for accelerated, precise and correct Requirements iterations enables you to easily and quickly get the right Requirements for your business
  • Advanced platform for software development an order of magnitude faster than any other method or platform gets you to market first
  • Precise, complete and accurate software project estimates, guaranteed

If you want your software systems to be designed and implemented approximately 10x faster, able to scale seamlessly with business growth, contact SciSpike

We develop your software systems for you, lightning fast, on time, every time.

We train your team to develop your systems, lightning fast, on time, every time.

For lightning fast, precise, ultra-scalable, high quality software development, contact SciSpike.

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Meet the Team at Scispike

  • Petter Graff - Co-Founder

    Petter's focus at SciSpike is on creating a state of the art knowledge center for software development, architecture, and methodologies. He has consulted and trained…

  • Dr. Vladimir Bacvanski - Co-Founder

    Software has always been Vladimir’s passion. Developing software faster, better, and scaling it to handle the largest data volumes arriving with great speed is his…


So… where are you guys located?

We get that a lot! The answer is: we were at an office, but then we went to the cloud!

For a long time we operated from a conventional office in Austin, Texas, with satellite offices in Seattle and Silicon Valley. Then, around 2010 we realized that driving back and forth to an office was simply wasting time and energy. So we replaced all our servers with systems running in the Google cloud, set everyone up with software to work efficiently from our home offices, and now we are in a virtual office, running in the cloud!

To give you an idea of how do we work, here is a snapshot of our virtual office:


Taking your office Virtual

An important thing in a virtual environment is for people to have a sense of community and make spontaneous communications easy and desirable. We have such an infrastructure and ways of working, but that would be a topic for another article.

With a virtual office, there is no need for the team to live in the same city. That opened new doors for us: we could hire terrific people who happen to reside somewhere else, and continue to work as a closely-knit team. Also, we spend very little time in meetings, keeping communications direct, efficient and spontaneous as needed via our virtual infrastructure. A couple of times a year, we all get together for a couple of days of productive exchanges, workshops and plain old fun. One should not forget the human touch!


Thinking about remote work and virtual teams is steadily gaining traction in industry. To get the highlights of some ideas, you may want to check out the book Remote: Office Not Required, by Jason Fried.

It is an easy read and a good introduction to the subject.

An interesting development since going to the cloud is that we now create such virtual teams for and with our clients. We create a virtual office for a project and we see them and they see us. We are ready to talk and clarify any project related topic immediately, before it becomes an issue.

Remote work in such a highly collaborative environment resonates well with many of our clients. It is a blend of culture and technology that brings together the best minds in a very efficient way to get great results.

A benefit of working remotely with us is not only that you will get your software faster than with traditional methods, but that you may learn and possibly adopt some of our techniques of virtual teams and remote work. We have reaped the benefits and you could to.

Give us a call, we will be happy to explain more.