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Mac Docker Network Tunnel

The Mac Docker Network problem. Docker is a critical part of my development environment. I run multiple projects, some of which have multiple components that run on the same ports. I need to be able to address the services of my applications between containers as well as from my web browser. To do this using…
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OpenSSL certificate with subjectAltName one-liner

To create a SelfSigned OpenSSL certificate on one line which contains subjectAltName(s) you must use -extensions and -config as follows. [crayon-6077ecd9c991d974261085/] Looking at the output of x509 you should be able to see X509v3 extensions indicating our success. [crayon-6077ecd9c992a041324454/] I came up with this solution by piecing together man pages and random google result. I…
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Cluster Aware via Gossip

Auto-discover cluster A common problem in the cloud is, how to discover peers/nodes in a dynamic cluster environment. This is difficult because peers can come online and drop off without notice. Often peers on the network will be replaced rather than recovered (with new IPs). Also, many clouds don't allow broadcast messages either. Each cloud…
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Scaling Mongo - Sharding

If you are interested in using MongoDB (Mongo) you are probably also interested in scaling and performance. From a developer's perspective the rich feature set and ease of use make Mongo a good option. And when it comes to scaling Mongo covers distributed load and data via Sharding. But the question is what happens when…
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