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Get rid of Node.js config grunt work

We recently began using the NPM module config in our Node.js projects.   It's a really nice way to enable our clients to configure their software once we deliver it.  One of the nicest features, IMHO, is its facility that enables you to define custom environment variables for any given config setting. For example, if…
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Spring Data Cassandra goes M1

Spring Data Cassandra has achieved first milestone release status (M1) today as part of the Spring Data Release Train Dijkstra! Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is planned for May 1, with the final release slated for June 1.
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Spring Data Cassandra is Official

Spring Data Cassandra, developed in part by yours truly, is official! Prerelease is available and is now part of the Spring Data ecosystem. View the spring-projects GitHub repo here.
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Spring Data Cassandra is Underway!

NB: first SciSpike blog entry for me. Woo hoo! :) I'm pleased to announce that SciSpike is now part of the effort to create, release & support Spring Data Cassandra, a new Spring Data subproject that targets Cassandra, a columnar database in the NoSQL space. It currently includes Prowave Consulting, Alex Shvid (an individual contributor),…
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