Apache Flink: Berlin Calling!

This June and July, I worked with clients in Dublin, Paris, London, and Berlin. We covered a lot of ground and people seemed to like it:


Thank you!

Is Berlin truly on a path to become “Silicon Berlin”? There are lot of new startups, and you see more people in cafes hacking. Only the time will tell! In the meantime I cannot resist sharing a mural I ran into in the previous East Berlin: science and technology for the people!


As some of you may know, we at SciSpike focus on custom development of systems as well training and consulting. Some of our applications are in the Internet of Things space and have various Big Data back ends.  Apache Flink is a new Big Data system, which is a descendant of Hadoop. It provides a great combination of both streaming and batch processing that looks particularly attractive.

Being in Berlin, I met with Data Artisans, the startup behind Apache Flink. I have been following their founders’ work since the EU research project Atmosphere, the precursor of Flink. Getting a PhD from a German university myself, I admit that I feel attracted to the clarity, rigor, and precision in thinking that comes from their work.

The Flink team exudes energy and technical excellence. I had great discussions with the team, including plans for joint activities and community engagement. I cannot tell you more right now, but stay tuned!

Vladimir Bacvanski

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