• Build a MVP/POC for a trading solution for hospitals where the individual hospitals can directly negotiate with their vendors. A disruptive solution in a market where most purchases are conducted through GPO's.
  • Setup an agile process that allowed the project to adapt to what we knew to be very rapid changes (the application had to be very rapidly evolved via user feedback, as we were creating a system for a new market)
  • Very aggressive deadline (6 months) before first live deployment


  • Due to a hard release deadline, there was only six months from project start until completion and deployment of the fully tested system.
  • The final specifications for the system were unknown, and expected to evolve during implementation.


SciSpike defined and implemented an agile process which enabled very rapid and frequent requirements changes in response to evolving business and compliance requirements.


  • Achieved the goals of the business
  • Delivered on time
  • Delivered under budget


  • Since the initial release SciSpike has been involved in building out the application
  • Particularly, SciSpike has been active in defining strategies for how to extract meaningful analytics out of the data sets collected. Some of the algorithms and strategies that SciSpike developed have led to patents now held by Aptitude

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