Electronic Customer Data Collection


  • Streamline or eliminate the manual work required to collect information from business customers for a large health-care related project


  • The original process required the company to send out paper forms to customers. These forms were highly customized and the constraints on the customer that filled out the form were often tacit and difficult for the customers to understand
  • Current solution was expensive and required:
    • Fax server that received incoming forms
    • Scanner for snail-mail delivered forms
    • OCR software to interpret the incoming forms
    • Manual inspection of the incoming forms
    • Error rate leading to delayed business opportunities


SciSpike defined a language for the domain experts to define forms. This led to a dramatically better definition of the forms and also allowed the domain experts to create forms in a fraction of the time.

The rules defined in the form editor were compiled and injected into PDF version of the forms. The customer would receive the electronic version of the form and fill it out offline. The constraints were compiled into the PDF form lowering the error rate to almost zero.


  • The new system exceeded the goals of the business, saved money, and improved customer relationships
  • Project was delivered in a fraction of the allotted time by Scispike
  • Project was delivered under budget by SciSpike

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