Remote Patient Monitoring


  • Our client had a Microsoft based application based on traditional .NET technology (C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, etc.) that was being used to track patients remotely
  • The client wanted to move to the cloud and build a system that could scale linearly with the resources allocated


  • We used SciSpike's Conversation Engine to build a new system from scratch based on Node.js, MongoDB, Cassandra etc.
  • The Conversation Engine's Actor-Based platform guarantees virtual linear scale
    • The new platform supports Mobile as a Backend (MaaB)
    • We developed a Cordova-based Android application that coordinates the events from the in-home devices and forwards the events to the cloud
    • Developed an interactive system for patients to work with nurses and physicians including chat, messaging and multi-party video conferencing
  • Developed a domain specific language for nurses to define interactions between the system and their patients


  • The client now has a cloud-deployable application that is known to scale linearly in the requested range (up to millions of events per second)
  • The DSL developed for the nurses provides multiple orders of magnitude better productivity
  • Our client developers have been trained and have become fluent in the Conversation Engine and the technologies used by the Conversation Engine

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