Software Application Generator


  • One of our clients in the Healthcare space had a set of applications that tracked the status of various initiatives
  • Each project, although rather simple, required the assembly of a team and a project structure
  • There were clearly some commonalities between the projects, but traditional attempts on reuse (components, inheritance, etc) had not proved successful


  • We analyzed the problem and found that the applications could be defined using a declarative language (using primitives such as Project, Task, Goal, Outcome). This language was further based on an ontology language that we developed (a derivative of REA).
  • We developed a generator that could generate the various applications based on the declarative language.
  • We also developed a road map for how to extract data from the generated applications and produce a coherent view of all activities in the organization


  • The approach allowed at least one order of magnitude better productivity when creating new initiatives
  • The applications could all contribute to an enterprise view (a dashboard that in real time provided status of all the initiatives in the enterprise)

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