State of Montana


  • Lower the cost of building client applications


  • The State had a reflective database that was difficult to query
  • The client applications were built on top of Eclipse (Rich Clients), and accessing the underlying services could be difficult
  • The applications had to support multiple editors over the same content, and support non-conflicting concurrent updates


SciSpike developed a client and server side framework that allowed the local clients to edit complex objects. The change log was then pruned, compressed and optimized before sending it to the server where the change log was expanded and the patches were performed on the underlying database.

Due to the complexity of defining extracts out of the database, SciSpike developed a Domain Specific Language (DSL) that allowed the developers to specify projections from the database and generated the client and server side services.


  • Many orders of magnitude better productivity for the developers
  • Allowed concurrent updates of domain objects (even with very complex mapping to backend database)
  • Delivered on time
  • Delivered under budget

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