Touch Screen PoS UI Redesign


  • The client had a Point of Sale (PoS) system that was built in C++ and which had an appearance that was out of date
  • The CTO asked for an estimate of development cost for a new U/I and found the original estimate to be too high
  • The new PoS had to be built in Visual Basic and it's main interaction was to be moved from traditional keyboard to a touch-screen


  • We estimated the project and formalized the requirements (unknown to us, our estimate was 1/8 of the internal estimate)
  • We developed the U/I using some advanced techniques to ensure that the U/I could handle the real-time interactions with various devices
  • We documented the application and trained the client's internal engineers on the architecture and the techniques that we had used


  • We developed the system on time and on our projected budget, saving the client almost 90% of the cost they had originally projected
  • The system has been running (almost without modification) since the year 2000 and is still considered to be the benchmark for PoS touchscreen U/I in the client's industry

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