White Papers

High-quality modeling in UML

Short Overview This white paper presents an approach to using UML to create and maintain high quality models. The high level of quality in the models comes from: extensive cross-checking between different models (which requires us to pay attention to the possible meanings you can give to certain models) maintaining continuity of structure and behavior…
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How To Develop Software Systems in Days Instead of Months

Introduction Software projects frequently fail to meet business goals. They often take too long, cost too much, and deliver the wrong functionality. But it does not need to be this way. Waterfall, Agile, Iterative ... whatever your process, your chance of project success can be measured in large part by the number of solid feedback…
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Insights Into Modeling NoSQL

Industry Expert and SciSpike Co-Founder Dr. Vladimir BacVanski partnered with Dataversity to produce and publish this research paper. A summary is below and the full paper can be downloaded by clicking the link at the end of the Executive Summary. Executive Summary The central focus of this report is a DATAVERSITY® 2015 Survey titled “Modeling…
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