Angular.js Training Course

Duration: 3 days
Course code: ANGJS001

  • Web Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Application Architects

Rudimentary understanding of JavaScript.


This course is designed to take your existing knowledge of JavaScript frameworks and throw it all out the window. This Angular JS course will open your eyes to the new and popular pattern of development. The MVVM approach eliminates the struggles of managing data and allows you to focus attention on the end product; the users experience and the super lightweight production ready code.
The course will show you how to structure an application, separating concerns with business logic and DOM manipulation, it will introduce you to the 2-way data binding, modules, controllers, directives, routing and the infamous ‘scope’. In addition, you will be introduced to additional technologies to enhance your development including package managers and task runners.
During the course, we will build a small MVC application putting into practice everything you learn along the way. The final product will be packaged up into a package ready for delivery.


This course is designed to dive in deeper than the Angular selling points. The course will give you a comprehensive understanding of Angular application architecture, best practices and how to get the most out of the extensive library of features and components. The following lists some of the topics that will be discussed and put into practice throughout the course duration.


  • Javascript refresher
  • Restful / asynchronous applications
  • Introducing AngularJS
  • What does Angular bring to the table?
    • Data binding / MVVM
    • Directives
    • Scope
  • Angular Modules
    • Defining a module
    • Dependency injection
    • Multi-module applications
  • Routing
    • Views / Templates
    • UI-router
      • Resolves / promises
      • State parameters
      • Multiple views
      • Inheritance / child states
  • Directives
    • Controller / Link functions
    • Scope
      • Data binding
      • Inheritance
      • Isolated scope
    • Controller inheritance
    • Transclusion
  • Services and Filters
    • Service types
    • Creating / injecting services
    • Custom filters
    • Deferred objects / Promises
    • Global event system
  • Angular Forms
    • Form controls
    • Validation Data Models
    • Regular expressions / ng-patterns
  • I18N
      Angular translate
  • Testing
    • Unit testing
    • End-to-end testing

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