Design Patterns in Java Training Course

Duration: 3 days
Course code: SS-JAV-012

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Consultants

Audience should be proficient in Java


Design Patterns in Java Training course covers aspects of design patterns, with particular emphasis on their use with Java. Design patterns are presented from the perspective of solving problems Java developers encounter as well as productivity boosters. The course will present the design patterns in UML and Java and show the applicability and the best match of patterns to problems developers have in practical applications. Particularly important points are the Java specific patterns and constructs, as well as variations of patterns that satisfy particular problems. The course will explore the relationships and applicability of design patterns with Java Beans components.


Design Patterns in Java Training course aims to significantly improve development skills of Java developers. Design patterns are explored from a point of view of a Java developer and you are shown the patterns most beneficial to practical Java programs.

  • Identify applicability of particular design patterns for Java applications
  • Identify fundamental and advanced concepts of design patterns
  • Use and code design patterns with Java
  • Combine design patterns with Java Beans components
  • Design flexible and maintainable Java systems through use of design patterns

Outline for Design Patterns in Java Training Course

Design Patterns

  • Concepts
  • Major issues
  • Reuse of ideas

Java and Design Patterns

  • Class hierarchy
  • Programming for interfaces
  • Inner classes
  • Actions

Structural Organization of Components

  • Composite pattern
  • Variations of composite
  • Iterators
  • Iterator design issues and variations

Coordinating Component Behavior

  • Reactive systems
  • Observer pattern
  • Mediator
  • Event based approaches
  • Event manager
  • Strategy
  • Notification designs and criteria
  • Undoing actions
  • Command pattern

Object Factories

  • Creation of objects
  • Java object factory

Proxy Patterns

  • Remote access proxy
  • Synchronization proxy
  • The proxy family of patterns

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