Network Programming in Java Training Course

Duration: 2 days
Course code: SS-JAV-001

  • Application developers
  • Programmers
  • System designers

Experience with the Java programming language is required.


Network Programming in Java Training course is a must for developers who write distributed applications. This intensive two day course covers the development of networking programs, using variety of technologies, demonstrating the advantages and disadvantages of technologies used for different purposes. The course exercises have been created so that they can be applied as solution templates for the everyday work of developers. The course starts with a brief, pragmatic introduction to fundamental networking systems used in industry, including the Internet. After this, several networking approaches are presented, together with the description and demonstration of their advantages and disadvantages. Approaches like Sockets, Datagrams, RMI, and JAX-WS web services are covered with effective presentation of their features and followed by extensive exercises.

The course consists of 50% instruction and 50% lab exercises.


This course teaches a developer how to select the appropriate networking solution for the problem at hand, and implement it. On completion, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify fundamental and advanced concepts of network programming solutions
  • Learn and directly apply various networking approaches to development problems
  • Program networking applications for the enterprise and the Internet
  • Implement flexible and maintainable networking solutions

Outline for Network Programming in Java Training Course

Fundamentals of Networking

  • Networks
  • TCP/IP
  • Internet

Sockets in Java

  • Client Side
  • Server Side

Java and Datagrams

  • Packets
  • Datagrams and Sockets

URL Handling

  • Connections
  • Protocol Handling
  • Content Handling

Remote Method Invocation

  • RMI Package
  • Registry
  • Server


  • Server API
  • Servlet Package

A Quick Intro to Web Services with JAX-WS

  • Foundations of Web Services
  • JAX-WS Web Services

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