Node.js Server-Side JavaScript Training Course

Duration: 3 days
Course code: NODE001

      Application Developers




    System Designers

Rudementary understanding of JavaScript.


Node.js Training course offers a comprehensive coverage of the how to build server-side applications using Node.js.

The course covers the essentials of programming JavaScript server-side code using the Node.js (V8) engine from Google. We'll cover the essential programming patterns and idioms as well as the most commonly used node modules. It is also possible to customize this course for delivery at client locations by adding the models used by the organization.


Our goal is to transfer as much knowledge as possible from the classroom to the workplace. Our Node.js course has been carefully designed to teach server-side programmers how to effectively use JavaScript and the Node.js infrastructure to build commercial strength server applications:
After the course, the students should master:

  • The asynchronous programming model of Node.js
  • How to avoid pitfalls in Node.js
  • The essential Node.js libraries
  • Understand how to build and deploy Node.js applications

Outline for Node.js Training Course

Node essentials:

  • What is Node and why do we care?
  • Asynchronous programming techniques
  • Modules
  • Working with the file system
  • Working with streams and buffers
  • Networking with Node
  • Debugging Node

Connecting to other machines:

  • Building Web (HTTP) servers
  • Connect framework
  • express: the web application framework for Node
  • Use of Iterators in STL
  • RESTful express

Better programming techniques in Node.js:

  • async: Asynchronous programming with Node
  • Testing and Test Driven Development
  • Yeoman: Improving productivity

Connecting to databases in Node.js

  • The Node.js difference when using databases
  • Connecting to Mongo.db using Mongoose
  • Connecting to relational databases
  • Connecting to OrientDB

Templating engines in Node.js

  • What is a templating engine and why do we care?
  • EJS
  • Jade
  • Other templating alternatives

[OPTIONAL]: Kraken.js and Dust

  • Achieving structure and convention with kraken.js
  • Kraken security with Lusca
  • Building Dust.js applications
  • Kraken case study

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