Using XML In Java Training Course

Duration: 2 days
Course code: SS-JAV-031

  • Application developers
  • Any Java Application Developers who want to incorporate XML into Java applications

Introduction to XML, as well as a solid knowledge of Java


Using XML in Java Training course will, through lecture and extensive hands-on workshops, teach you to manipulate XML generally in a data-processing environment, with emphasis on Java as the programming vehicle. Specifically, you will learn to write Java applications that can: Read and parse XML documents Generate XML documents Integrate XML with traditional structured data Perform queries on XML

Note: Although many of the skills learned in this course may apply to applications that present XML on the Web, the clear emphasis here is on handling XML as data rather than on presentation.


This course will teach you how to access and process XML documents from a Java application. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to use Java implementations of the major parser APIs - SAX, DOM, JDOM, etc. - to parse XML documents.
  • How to create Java classes to convert a document into application objects and vice-versa.
  • How to load vendor specific XML-parsers dynamically with the document.
  • How to transform XML with XSL using XSLT engines.

Outline for Using XML In Java Training Course

XML Applications and Associated Concepts

  • Associated XML Concepts
  • XML Application Development Paradigms
  • Web-based Applications
  • Traditional Database Applications
  • Portal Applications
  • Intercompany Data Transmissions
  • Messaging Applications

XML Application Development

  • Dealing with XML
  • Reading and Writing XML
  • Querying XML
  • Transforming XML

Overview of APIs

  • Xerces API
  • JAXP(Java API for XML Parsing)
  • JAXB(Java Architecture for XML Binding)
  • JDOM(Java DOM)
  • dom4j
  • JAXM(Java API for XML Messaging)
  • JAXR(Java API for XML Registries)

SAX Parsers

  • SAX - How does it work
  • Overview of SAX/SAX2 API
  • Handler Interfaces
  • Parser Interfaces
  • EntityResolvers, DTDHandlers
  • Putting it all together


  • DOM vs. SAX
  • Reading XML data into DOM
  • Transforming DOM Tree
  • Creating and Manipulating DOM
  • Notation and Entity Interfaces
  • Putting it all together

The New Generation

  • Newer set of APIs
  • Programming Paradigms
  • JAXP family - Factories - SAX and DOM again - Transforming using XSLT APIs
  • Examples using the JAXP set
  • JDOM - Adapters, Input, Output - JDOM Program Structure
  • Application examples in JDOM
  • More options with dom4j
  • XPATH and streaming support in dom4j

The API Shootout

  • Feature-wise comparison of the APIs
  • Common usage scenarios of these APIs
  • Some performance benchmarks

Advanced Topics

  • Using servlets and XML
  • XML with JSP
  • XML for object serialization

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