It is out! O’Reilly published “Introduction to Big Data and NoSQL”

This Summer, O’Reilly published my 3-hour course on Big Data and NoSQL.  I was delighted to receive some good feedback on O’Reilly’s site shortly after publishing:

“Another Big Data tutorial? Do we need another one?” you may ask. The answer is resounding “Yes!”  Here is what is different…

The existing offerings out there roughly belong to two categories. I may exaggerate a bit to make a point:
•    “Big Data makes Big Bucks”. A very high level overview for non-technical, business focused audiences.
•    “Configure your Hadoop cluster in 173 easy steps”. A technical deep dive into a particular aspect of some Big Data or NoSQL technology.

What was lacking was content that is oriented towards a technical audience at a level of an architect or a developer starting their journey in Big Data and NoSQL. This is the audience I primarily address in my course. This course will give you a good foundation and after that you can start going deep. You will gain a holistic view towards the Big Data and NoSQL landscape.

We describe the key ideas, algorithms, and approaches. We cover not only the industry standards like Hadoop, but also the new and exciting systems like Storm,  Spark and Flink. Big Data programming covers well-established Hive and Pig, but also Scalding, a productive Scala library for Big Data. For every enterprise, integration with conventional systems is of paramount importance. We cover this in the last section.

I believe that 3 hours spent on this course will be a good investment for anybody starting in the Big Data or NoSQL. The content is based on the full day tutorials I give at leading data conferences, and on the popular two- to three-day course I deliver to private clients. You can check the private course here



My O’Reilly course is available here

If you have Safari Books Online subscription, you can start watching here:

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