Our Instructors

Extensive, real-world applications. Compelling best practices. Experience the difference.

software developer training instructorsReal-world application and expert best practices set our instructors apart. Having instructors speak from experience and not just from a conceptual perspective is a tremendous value-add for the participants. Because our instructors have extensive field experience, you reap the benefit of best practices in a wide variety of industries in some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world. Real-world experience also allows our trainers to provide students with practical feedback and professional context.

Our expertise, experience, breadth and depth of knowledge outstrip our competitors. Hand-picked from the top developers, architects and consultants in the industry, our instructors have an average of 20 years of experience and boast an impressive list of credentials. Our content-rich courseware was built by leading experts to provide for maximum flexibility and customization. SciSpike delivers solutions to Fortune 1000 and other leading organizations.

Senior real world architects, A+ educators.
SciSpike's dynamic instructors exceed every expectation with their outstanding hands-on knowledge, in-depth understanding of the subject matter and unsurpassed skill at transferring their wisdom to others.


  • A commitment to excellence is reflected in the fact that these seasoned developers, software architects and researchers are routinely invited to speak at major industry conferences.
  • Ongoing field experience keeps them constantly engaged with new and emerging technology. We make sure they spend a good portion of their time consulting to ensure they stay current. And, because they develop, design and implement complex enterprise systems themselves, they know the issues developers face-and can use those real-world issues to create compelling classroom experiences.
  • Technical mastery gives them unparalleled expertise in using object-oriented technologies to build enterprise systems. All of our instructors hold advanced technical degrees - PhD's and Masters. They are also Java-certified and have technical certifications from the leading enterprise technology vendors. Developers who take our courses say they've never experienced such depth of knowledge.
  • Teaching expertise enables our instructors to help students grasp complex information quickly and completely. Highly experienced in the classroom, our instructors create an engaging, productive environment that maximizes students' ability to learn-and that earns the highest possible ratings from course attendees.