Process and Readiness Assessment

Prepare Your Team For Success

How can you be sure your team is ready to meet your business goals?
How can you be sure that your process, architecture, training and technology are the most effective?
    • Do you have the right processes to meet your project goals?
    • Do you have an optimal architecture for your technical goals?
    • Do you know if your team has been given an in-depth understanding of the technologies they need?
    • Is your team being supported to apply the right techniques to meet your business goals?
      • Are your developers creating the right artifacts at the right time in the right manner?
      • In short, is your team prepared for success?
SciSpike consultants help ensure your project meets its business goals, and your team is successful. A little help from our consultants can be the difference between success and failure.

We assess your project against its business goals and help identify needs for architectural improvement and use of optimal technologies. We review your team's readiness for success and recommend relevant team augmentation or training. We evaluate your processes and look for optimizations that help you become more agile and still make a smooth transition from your current environment.

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