Software has always been Vladimir’s passion. Developing software faster, better, and scaling it to handle the largest data volumes arriving with great speed is his world. Realizing that great software requires great minds, Vladimir also creates teams of exceptional developers and creators who can confidently take on the most challenging software problems.

Vladimir lives with his family in Silicon Valley. He started his journey in the former Yugoslavia, where he programmed half days in Prolog and the other half in assembly, to keep him balanced. From Sarajevo, he continued to RWTH Aachen in Germany where he received first a guest scientist grant and then later won the doctoral grant for his research. He greatly enjoyed the extraordinary focus and the spirited exchange of ideas at academia in Germany. He graduated as a tenth grand-student of Carl Friedrich Gauss.

However, a pragmatist at heart, after having his PhD diploma in hand, it was time to pack the suitcase, leave the rain behind and head to sunny Austin, Texas. In the US, he was advising and training R&D teams of large US companies on advanced software technologies. There in Austin, he started a company with his partners that focused on training and consulting. This eventually culminated in SciSpike, with a new focus on custom software development, and benefiting from the synergy with consulting and training.

Vladimir’s technical interests these days are centered around two main areas: architectures for high performance modular software and Big Data systems. This includes systems built with Node.js, Scala, Akka, commonly deployed in the cloud. On the Big Data side these are Hadoop and its descendants such as Spark and Flink.

Vladimir is known for liking to explain how complex stuff works, and is a sought presenter and keynote speaker at leading industry events. O’Reilly recently published his course on the architecture of Big Data and NoSQL systems. For his contributions to the information management community, IBM awarded him the title of the IBM Information Management Champion for the sixth year running on 2015.

When he is not pondering some new software problems or reading, Vladimir can be caught mountain biking around San Francisco Bay Area, at concerts, and art openings. He is not afraid getting his fingers dirty with paint. Just don’t start talking to him about cameras or fountain pens!