Petter's focus at SciSpike is on creating a state of the art knowledge center for software development, architecture, and methodologies. He has consulted and trained at leading enterprises worldwide and helped seed and architect several startups. His interests are in generative techniques that enable rapid implementation and deployment of web-scale applications.

Prior to SciSpike, Petter was a software engineer, architect and manager at Wayne Dresser in Europe and the USA, focused on embedded software systems and payment systems, amongst other things.

Petter has spoken at numerous conferences, including:

  • EclipseCon
  • JavaOne
  • IBM Rational Software Development Conference
  • OMG
  • Models

Petter has a mathematics degree (Univ. Oslo, Norway), an Engineering degree, and an Economics degree.

When not working, Petter likes to study and play chess, improve his guitar skills, and hit the golf course.