Several years back we came up with a concept for the One Degree software platform and we knew it would be ground breaking.   We worked very hard on the design and front-end, and as it took shape, it was every bit as creative and cool as we imagined.  But much like a hot rod car, the outside is only half the story.  It needed an equally powerful engine to make it really run.

The first time we sat with the principles of Sci-Spike we knew they were very smart and experienced.  Their resume was impressive and they had been recommended by someone we trust.

What we learned over time was that they were also; creative, flexible, communicative, reliable… and fun.  When it came to lifting the hood on the hot rod, we knew we wanted a powerful scalable engine, but my team did not possess the skills to make that happen.

The team at Sci Spike (Petter, Vlad, Barrett, Matthew and others) knew everything there was to know about building the back end, and they understood what it would take to support our vision.  We were fortunate to become partners in the venture and worked very hard to architect and build the One Degree engine.  What we got, was as amazing outcome and we were confident our back end was equal to our front end.  The car was cherry and it could fly!

We highly recommend Sci Spike and would never use anyone else.

Sean Storin, One Degree,