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Your Efficiency and Effectiveness Boostedadvanced software developer training courses
In the software world, "ancient ways" is measured in months. Every successive generation of software technology is designed to make software development more effective, whether through speed, scalability, security, extensibility, new capabilities never before possible, or otherwise. No matter how smart and capable your are, if you are not current with the most relevant software technologies and methods, you are not as efficient or effective as you could be.

Tailored for your needs
One size does not fit all for training. Effective training is targeted at your specific needs. We send our instructors to your team, and based on discussion with you and your engineers, architects and project managers we tailor the course delivery and class work to your students. We use real projects, that your team are actively working or planning, to drive instruction, with the goal of making those projects efficient and effective. This tailored approach to training enables you and your team to leave the training immediately capable of doing more, faster and with better results.

Active Learning for Deeper Understanding
Active Learning is the cornerstone of our custom-designed instruction. Instructors relate course content to current projects and industry best practices. You and your team gain concrete, real-world experience as you actively experiment with new technologies. The results: a profound understanding and the readiness to take on new projects with ease and confidence.

Fast Skill Transfer
We focus on the various ways you and your team learn, the stages of learning that help you master the information quickly and methods of assuring information retention. Traditional technical training focus exclusively on students who appreciate well-structured and logical material presented by experts. Our experience has shown that different students receive and internalize information in different ways, so we offer training that effectively teaches all learning types.

Memory Retention is heightened through examples, exercises, your active participation, dynamic classroom interaction and ongoing reviews of your solutions and case studies. We've applied leading-edge Kolb Cycle of Learning to design a classroom that's stimulating, always active and extremely effective.

Software Architects as Trainers
All of our trainers are highly experienced software architects who enjoy training people, have great people skills and strong training skills. You and your team can dig as deep as you wish with our instructors into areas of specific interest to you.

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