Instructor Led Online Training

Self-paced online courses often miss some of the features of being in a classroom.

In particular:

  • the ability to ask the instructor questions on the spot
  • the group dynamics
  • the pacing of the course
  • the hands-on labs with instructor help.

SciSpike can offer our courses in a format called instructor-led online course (ILO). This format combines the benefits of self-paced online courses with that of a classroom course.

A live instructor presents the slides using a virtual classroom setup. The attendees can be anywhere. They will see the slides and hear the instructor. They will also be able to ask the instructor questions during the presentation.

During the hands-on labs, the students may ask help from the instructor. The instructor can provide one-on-one coaching in a similar way to a classroom course.


The format can also be combined with regular classroom training. You may have a number of students in one location but want to include others that are distributed. We can teach the course using the regular classroom setup, but allow for the remote students to participate online.

The instructor-led online format can be used for both private and public courses. The only additional requirements are that we have time to distribute the material to the students and that the students have access to a broad-band connection during the course.