On Site Training

No Waiting. No Travel. Know More.

  • Does learning always happen in a classroom?
  • Do you need to travel to attend lectures?
  • Are you worried that the timing of the training may not fit into your schedule?
  • Are you worried about discussing your confidential project details in a public course?

With the help of education experts from SciSpike, now, you can learn in your own familiar environment. There is no need to travel, no scheduling conflicts, no waiting for a course to become available and no cancellations.

We will provide you everything at your location, on a date that you desire and a schedule that meets your needs. Now you don't have to wait until the next open enrollment course! We teach one or more groups of students so regardless of the size of group you need to train, we will work with you to find a solution that suits you best. With our onsite training packages we provide you exactly what you want - where, when and how!

Paying for the travel expenses of each of your students can add up quickly. By engaging SciSpike's onsite training, however, we can help you save a significant amount. You don't have to pay the travel expenses for all your students; instead, you only pay the travel expenses for our instructor. You achieve additional savings and more productivity with less expenditure! The more students in a group, the less you pay on a per head basis as compared to an open enrollment course.

We can help you and your group progress way beyond the point you have been able to reach, and ahead of all the others, by offering our complete course curriculum to meet your precise needs. This is exclusively for our onsite training groups only, as not all the courses are available on open enrollment.


What's more - we can pick courses off the shelf or we can customize them to suit your precise needs. As each course is designed to deliver specific skills by job role we can also formulate new course material for topics that may not be available in our course description.

The best learning is achieved by doing. In our Onsite training we not only provide the material but also consistently reinforce it through hands on labs, which helps you get those results you need.

If you don't see something that you need in our course list, please contact us and let us know your needs. We can create custom courses and whole training curriculums for your organization. We can also incorporate your internal standards and best practices in courses taught for your organization.