Conversation Engine

Massively Scalable, Ultra-Rapid Software Development

Now you can run rings around your competitors - with the Conversation Engine.

The Conversation Engine is a revolutionary new platform that lets you create and deploy software systems much faster than you ever dreamed possible.

And it is not just fast. The advantages of the Conversation Engine (CE) include:

Massive Scalability,

ideal for the Internet of Things or other large-scale applications

  • Generated code is highly parallelized and provides linear scalability. There is no performance degradation as you scale.
  • You can scale to millions or billions of devices or users with ease.
  • Your developers do not need to be skilled in parallelized software development. The CE platform handles that for you.
Ultra-rapid development cycles
  • Software development takes days or weeks instead of months or years
  • Automated generation of high quality software eliminates need for almost all hand coding
  • Your look and feel is created by your GUI developers, while all the business logic and back end processing is handled by the CE.
Complete, Precise and Unambiguous Requirements
  • Via a conversation with the people on your team who understand your business requirements, a precise and unambiguous set of Requirements Specifications is generated.
  • The code that is generated by CE precisely matches your Requirements Specification
The Right Product

for your target market, guaranteed

  • Ultra-rapid iteration on Requirements, driven by feedback from user experience, ensures that your application meets your business goals and customer needs
  • Your users and business analysts can try out your updated software literally minutes after any change is made to Requirements
Quality and Stability
  • Generated Code and Generated Automated Tests ensure that your software is extremely reliable
Integrated Security

for HIPAA and other mandates

  • Your security policies are configured in the platform before your software is developed. All software that is then generated automatically conforms to your security policies
  • Generated Requirements and User documentation, and automated test cases, provides an excellent foundation for audit and compliance purposes

In summary, with the Conversation Engine you create Massively Scalable, Secure, Stable applications, Ultra-rapidly, with Precise, Market-Tested Requirements, and Audit-Ready Documentation.

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More Details...

The conversation engine is a tool that we use to build scalable, cloud-enabled applications.

With the tool we have experienced an order of magnitude better productivity and at the same time the tool ensures that we architecture is built based on best practices and lessons learned from building web-scale applications for gaming and other large web-based applications.

The conversation engine is more than just a tool. We have developed design patterns and processes that are know to help ensure productivity and scalability.

The conversation engine includes a set of code generators that converts high level descriptions into:
  • Highly scalable and efficient implementation
  • Rich and verifiable documentation (in HTML, PDF, ePub, etc.)
  • Compliance suite that verifies the correctness of custom implementation
  • Load-testing tool to verify scale and ensure dynamic expansion of resources on cloud infrastructure that support this (e.g., AWS)
We also provide a sophisticated editor to help you define the business requirements. This editor includes:
  • Autocompletion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Outlining
  • Real-time parsing
The feature list continues:
  • Deployment pipeline to the major cloud providers (can be used for deployment to a private cloud also)
  • Development processes that have proven to work
  • Generation of graphical pictures for inclusion in presentation or for verification of correctness
  • A complete (but optional, you can bring your own) authentication and authorization model. The authorization module supports 140+ authentication methods. The authorization model includes a flexible but efficient model for authorization
  • A user-interface generator that generates a working application. This application can be customized using CSS or simply extended with hand-written code
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